• Confidently clean

    For a neat, germ-free environment.

  • Cleaning products for every specific need

    Keep your spaces in the best conditions.


    Specialized Products

    We have all you need to maintain your restaurant's kitchen sanitized. Our products are being used in many restaurant chains and food processing industries.


    From Detergent to Delimers

    Institutionalized laundries benefit from our detergents, fabric softeners, bleachers, laundry sours, and alkaline additives.


    Multipurpose and Ready to Use

    We've been doing industrial distribution of our multipurpose cleaning products for years. Large companies and government agencies use our products every day.


    Toilet, Tiles and Personal

    Disinfect and sanitize public bathrooms with Gascó. Rest assured our floral aroma will please each visitor.


    Disinfectants and Sanitizers

    Our FDA approved industrial disinfectants are efficient in eliminating bacteria, germs and certain viruses.


    Glass, stainless steel, wood

    Let the shine come through most surfaces, cutting grease and dirt while leaving no trace.

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